Oops, we did it again!...
Monday, October 12, 2015 at 7:30PM

Yes, we know, we've suffered another bad case of website neglect.

Profuse apologies - we have a no reasonable excuse, save for the fact that we've taken some time out to write the new album and just forgot our online presence completely!

So here's a bit of an update:


We blew off the performing mothballs and took a trip to Bromsgrove. And what a fab time we had, too.

It was great to work alongside Anthony John Clarke and Colum Sands - a couple of lovely fellas! THANKS once again to Bob Bignell and the BFF team for having us - a thoroughly good time all around.


There are two leek awards. One each for the lady and gent who join in most enthusiastically with the singing. Closed eyes and beards win extra points (especially for the ladies!).

Saturday night at Bromsgrove Folk Fest.

Amazingly, this year's gentleman winner was the same guy who won the Inaugural Leek Award at Folk on the Coast about three years ago!

Congratulations to Ronnie Williamson - a true achievement.


The reason for backing off on the gigging is that we're devoting our energy to writing the second album. We're well on with it now and hope to record over the winter.

Launch time should be at Easter time next year! 

That's the update - thanks for checking in.

Cheers, Liam & Jonny :0)

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