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Burnham-on-Sea Folk Fest...

30 August to 1st September 2013 - Click here for details.

We've played in a fair variety of places these last three years. But this was a first...

The Lorry Stage!

Behold, The Lorry Stage!  As Liam observed, "I've had a few things off the back of a lorry, but never thought I'd be one of them!"

Actually, it worked pretty well. Placed right opposite the Victoria Hotel, the "stage" allowed us to be high up and loud, so we could contend with the conversation of the 150+ punters having their evening drinks.

The view from The Lorry Stage!Graham on the sound desk made the best of a nightmarish echo bouncing straight back to the stage from the pub wall - thanks for trying Graham!

Our earlier set was at the Waterfront on the esplanade. A much more cosy affair. The punters won that round, one nil. There were more of them and the sound system was no match for their enthusiastic chat.

As always, the trip was a really good crack. Thanks for booking us Dom!


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