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Cracking time at Shrewsbury Folk Festival...

What a fantastic weekend we've just had at Shrewsbury!

We were late confirming our attendance after an email mix up when Liam moved house (Jonny is still bitter! :0) so we were very chuffed to be there.


They worked us hard - singing five 45 minute sets - but we got to see some great bands as well. 

The Village Stage set was by far the most soggy, with a cloud burst giving us all an excuse to "cwtch" up around the stage. Then the power went off! But we soldiered on and the good-hearted folkies urged us on to what was a very memorable session. Thanks for sticking with us throught the crises!

The 3 sets at the Bird in Hand pub were their usual cosy affairs with far too many bodies crammed into the lounge bar. The drunken local who threatened to spoil proceedings on Sunday night was out-sung in the end - another crisis averted!

Perhaps the highlight for us was the Sabrina set - our first of the weekend. It was such a delight to sing with such a truly professional sound system - crystal clear. Last time we played this venue it was dark and the lights in our eyes meant we couldn't see the audience. Not this time though; and it was lovely to have so many folk turn out to see us.


The musical highlights for us were The Young Uns (Sean, Dave & Mike) and Greg and Kieron - good lads all!

Top of the stack this year for both of us were Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - a true taste of our musical roots; thanks fellas!


Last of all, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who turned out to see us and those who bought the CD. We really appreciate all of your support - it means more than you know.

Cheers, BC


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Acoustic Festival of Britain...

We're all revved up and ready for the Acoustic Festival of Britain 2014 this weekend.

We'll be trying out a new song or two and staying for weekend to catch the atmosphere, along with Seth Lakeman, Matt Cardle and Fairport Convention. Can't wait!

It your coming, we'll be playing on saturday around 5:30 p.m.

Look forward to seeing there!

Cheers, BC.


Upton-upon-Severn FF...

Once again we had a great time at Upton.

What a fab weekend it was - the town was packed, the weather was beautiful and the audiences as keen as ever. 

Fortunately, we didn't have to play on the boat this year - the engine noise nearly finished us off last time! We had a lovely time playing a set in the church. The sound was quite special and the atmosphere even better. We even got a sun tan from the stage lights!

And to cap it all off, we met and heard the lovely Kirsty Bromley (& Grace) - what a voice; full of pathos and passion!

Again, THANKS to everyone who came to see us - some came three times! As always, it's you guys that make it all worth it - especially your singing along.

Cheers, BC.


Oops - a case of website neglect!

Hi All,

Profuse apologies for the woeful lack of updates these last few months. Despite this, lots has happened!

Here's a quick update:

Personal stuff:

  • Liam and his family have moved house from Cardiff to the Gower, near Swansea and he has a new job into the bargain
  • Jonny has moved house - still in Cardiff - and also has a new job (2 in fact)

Band stuff:

In amongst everything else, we've managed to play a few gigs over the autumn and winter. These include:

  • Unicorn Folk Club - 8 November
  • Burnham-on-Sea Acoustic Club - 21 November
  • Millenium Centre - 24 November
  • World Tour of London & The South!
    • Twick Folk - 26 February
    • Herga - 27 February
    • Chichester Folk Club - 28 February
  • Cwlwm Celtaidd. Porthcawl - 8 March
  • Gower Heritage Centre - 11 May

2013 was busy year for us - we reckon we played somewhere in the  region of 50+ sets. Which, along with working full time, moving houses and jobs, has meant for a busy time. We've had a blast!

A massive THANKS to everyone who turned out to see us. Your support and appreciation has been great!

Cheers, Jonny & Liam


Another first at Banbury Folk Fest...

Playing on the back of a lorry at Burnham recently, was a first. We had another first at Banbury Folk festival last weekend too. A craft fair.

Yep, a craft fair. There was a craft fair going on. And BarlowCree were playing the background music. We were sceptical at first but, by the end, we were sold. Not literally - no-one bought us! But we had a great time!

You can see the set-up in the photo (above) - the usual trestle tables and crafty wares for sale. We were on a stage at the end of the room, playing acoustically.

By the time we were done, people had pulled up chairs at both sides of the stage. In fact, we sold more CDs at this set than the other two put together! Another first to add to the collection.

We also played at the Mill Arts Centre on Friday night and at the Reindeer Inn on Saturday evening. Both went down well and we were chuffed with the enthusiasm to join in the songs. For those who want the lyrics to our own material, you can donwload them on the left hand side of this page, under the SquareSpace logo.

Thanks to Derek and Mary for booking us and looking after us, to Ted for MC-ing (again!) and Lawrence for the knob-twiddling!  Good weekend all 'round. Cheers, BC.