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Burgled at Bromyard...

We're not long returned from a good weekend of folkiness at Bromyard Folk Festival.  It's a great little fest with a 44 year history, no less!

Cree had recovered from his inverted eardrum just in time, but the scales of fortune tipped the other way and Barlow had his wallet rifled - they actually got into the sleeping compartment of his tent and snaffled his dosh while he slept!  Cheeky monkeys nicked the gig fee, the CD takings and his spending money; but there were plenty of left over scraps in the litter bins so he didn't go hungry!

We played three 30 minute sets, one on the second stage and two in the Falcon Mews in the town.  The latter were unplugged, which presented a few challenges given that it was quite a large room, but we wrose to these and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It was lovely to have people singing along to Lord Franklin and All Is Well - this is rapidly becoming the norm!  We also introduced this largely English audience to a little folkloric Welsh delight with Mallt-y-Nos and The Devil And The Cobbler.

Our THANKS to Dick for having us and to Ali and Kelly for a great job with the sound on Friday night!

The last in the current run of gigs is Rumney Folk Festival in Cardiff this weekend.  We're due on stage at about 8:45 p.m. on Saturday, for a 45 minute set just before the ceilidh.  Check out the club website for more info - here.

Cheers, BC



Cracking weekend at Shrewsbury Folk Fest...

We've just got back from a brilliant weekend at Shrewsbury - this really is a lovely festival.  See Folk Fan Jimmy's blog for a write up - including some praise for BC (thanks Jimmy!).

We played 4 sets: 2 on the Sabrina stage, 1 in the Bird In Hand and 1 on the Village stage.  Thanks to everyone who came along to listen, especially those who joined in - we nearly took the roof off the pub with All Is Well!  What a great way to celebrate the launch of our debut album, Holystone.

Once again the sound guys did us proud, as did the MCs - thanks for all your hard work fellas! 

Lastly, a special thanks to all the friends and family who came along to support us on our first foray into festival-land; you being there made all the difference!

Cheers, BC


BBC Radio Wales Play BC Tracks...

Just to let you know that we had some radio play on BBC Radio Wales this weekend.

Frank Hennessy opened and closed his Celtic Heartbeat show yesterday evening with tracks from the album and Mal Pope played My Heart Is Ashore on the Best of Radio Wales show this morning (25 minutes in). Click the links to listen again over the next seven days.

Happy listening! Cheers, BC


BC debut album gets it's first play on air...

Genevive Tudor gave air time to two tracks from our debut album Holystone last Sunday on her BBC Radio folk show.  The programme, which airs on BBC Radio Shropshire, Hereford and Stoke, featured Newfoundland and The Devil and the Cobbler.

If you'd like to listen again, just click here. The first track starts at around 11.5 minutes in...

Thanks for your support Genevieve!  Cheers, BC  (p.s. who's Jimmy?!)


Sell out launch gig for "Holystone"

The launch gig for "Holystone" was a cracker!  The sell out audience did us proud and enjoyed a 19 song set, including all the tracks on the album.  Thanks to everyone who came along (friends, family and fellow folkies from Rumney and Newport Folk Clubs, etc.) your support means more than you know!

If you missed the gig - and we had to turn quite a number away! - all is not lost; the album is now available online here...

...Or check out the gigs page for a list of upcoming appearances.  Thanks again for your support! BC